Mary's THC Pills: Do They Work for Insomnia?


You may have heard of CBD used to treat those who suffer from sleep deprivation. But did you know people use THC for insomnia, too? 

That’s right! THC and CBD can both be used to aid sleep. With THC, it will depend on whether you choose a sativa or an indica. THC pills are a perfect way to choose which plant (indica or sativa) the chemical compound derives from and to control the dosage easily. 

People have used marijuana as a sleep aid for a long time. However, insomnia is trickier than other types of sleep deprivation because it’s not just something that keeps you from sleeping; it also has a lot to do with mental health. 

Did you know that new studies have shown there might actually be health benefits from insomnia? We will get into that and everything else, so be sure to follow along.

What are Mary’s THC Pills?

Mary’s THC Pills are a capsulated THC concentrate. They are made up of grape seed oil and THC, then packed into discrete capsules. 

The capsules come in different sizes and varieties, allowing you to choose exactly the effects you intend to experience. You can find both indica and sativa THC capsules in 10, 20, and 100mg doses. The number of capsules in each container will vary depending on the selected amount of milligrams. 

Pills are easy and discrete to use. This makes them a great option for people who are worried about the social stigma of using a cannabis product.

Using Cannabis for Sleep

In places outside of Canada, CB

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D oil is often used to aid sleep. This is because, unlike THC, CBD is a cannabinoid that often reaches legalized status first since it lacks psychoactive properties.


CBD is relaxing and has properties that can provide pain relief, decrease anxiety, and help with depression. All of these health benefits are obvious in how they can help someone who suffers from insomnia to get some shut eye.


THC can also help aid sleep. It does this by reducing REM. This may at first sound like a bad thing because most people relate reaching REM to a restful night's sleep full of dreaming.


However, for those who suffer from PTSD and insomnia, REM can often mean nightmares.

What Does the Research Say?

Excessive levels of THC can actually inhibit the user from reaching REM while sleeping. What is defined as excessive levels? That’s the part that makes this science difficult to follow. Everyone has a different level of tolerance to THC, so what defines excessive is fairly subjective.


Another new piece of research indicates that insomnia may in fact have health benefits for some people. In fact, sleep deprivation may improve depressive symptoms in as little as one day.

Does Indica or Sativa Really Matter?

Since we are all unique beings, indicas and sativas can be experienced differently. However, in general, indicas provide relaxing body highs, while sativas are more cerebral and uplifting.


So, to answer the question: do sativas versus indicas matter? For most people, it does matter which you choose. If you’re an experienced cannabis user, you may already know if this is something that’s important to you. After all, there are the oddities out there who can sleep after consuming a pure sativa.


If you got through reading all this and have a genuine curiosity about taking pills with THC but do not suffer any sort of mental health or sleeping disorder, you can still try them out. Taking some before smoking a bowl can even take things to a new level.